This has been a safe seat for too long. When the political elite are doing their election strategy in Spring Street, Sandringham is not even on the map!

If you want to see major attention and significant investment across the seat of Sandringham, this state election is the time to change your vote.

This is one of the safest Liberal seats on paper in Victoria, but despite that, the only significant investment we have seen in the last 30 years has come from a community campaign for Beaumaris High School, and the Labor Party alongside the MCC.

The message is clear – together we can GET THINGS DONE and achieve real change, but we have to make sure this seat and your vote is NOT taken for granted.

 Some would argue that your vote is wasted voting for an independent. I would argue your vote is wasted if you vote for the status quo. Our main political parties are broken and failing us. Liberal, Labor and the Greens do not have answers for our local community, and they are not interested.

 Electing an independent is the way to send a message to Spring Street that they can’t take the community for granted.  

Let’s make them interested.

 Vote Independent this November and get their attention.Vote 1, Clarke Martin.

If you want real investment across Sandringham, make your vote count, and together let’s GET THINGS DONE.

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