I am excited to tell you that I am announcing today that I am contesting the seat of Sandringham again in next month’s Victorian State Election.

With your help, we can change the lack of action in our local area, and Get Things Done. As your Independent member of Parliament, there is so much that could be achieved for our local community. I can’t wait to start talking with you about what matters to you, your family and your friends most in 2018. From my initial conversations over the last few weeks and months, it seems there are some key areas of real concern to local people:

  • Environment - Rickett’s Point Marine Park needs expanding so that we can protect this amazing natural space for us all to enjoy.
  • Education - our local public secondary schools desperately need real and significant investment right now
  • Development - there are great developments being proposed in our area, but there are also ones that must be stopped or re-designed

Like 2014, this will be a community campaign. To be an effective representative for you, I want to work with you, talk with you and listen to you. Together, we can effect real change in the seat of Sandringham and make the Government listen to us and act. 

With your support and your help – we can Get Things Done.

Please do get in touch and tell me the three things that matter to you and what will decide your vote this November. I would love to hear from you.

Mobile: 0412 259 631
Facebook: clarke.martin.98
Twitter: @clarkewmartin I
nstagram clarkemartin_

I’ll also be out and about at local shopping centres and train stations over the next few weeks, so please pop by, say hi, have a chat, and let’s Get Things Done!   Thanks, Clarke

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