Why I am standing as your Independent candidate in the Beckett electorate this November.

• Families urgently need more investment in our local public secondary schools.
• Sandringham College is in dire need of a rebuild – the major parties have let infrastructure in our electorate slide with chronic under-investment.
• Mentone Girls Secondary College desperately needs investment – again the major parties are to blame for decades of inaction.
• Beaumaris Secondary College needs Stage 2 built in the next term of Government – neither major party has yet committed to this project.
• As your Independent MP, no matter who forms Government I will campaign to ensure all these vital projects are funded.

• We need to ensure that future generations can enjoy our unique foreshore.
• Rickett’s Point Marine Park in Beaumaris must be expanded to preserve the precious resources we have on our doorstep.
• This is our once-in-a-generation chance to preserve our extraordinary local history.
• Rickett’s Point Marine Park is pivotal to the future lifestyle and sustainability of our foreshore in the Sandringham electorate.
• If elected I will move a Private Member’s Bill in the first 90 days of the new Parliament to preserve and expand Rickett’s Point Marine Park.

• Inappropriate development is hurting our communities right across the Sandringham electorate.
• As a community member and Councillor, I have a history of backing well-planned, strategic and architecturally appealing developments in our community.
• The level crossing removal projects at Cheltenham and Mentone offer incredible opportunities for improved development around our activity centres.
• I have a track-record of stopping poor developments in Highett, Sandringham, Cheltenham, Beaumaris, Black Rock and Mentone.


This November, vote for your local Independent candidate, Clarke Martin, who Gets Things Done for you.